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Wiregrass Ecological Associates, LLC (WEA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Forestry Consultants (SFC), Inc.  WEA was originally founded as The Wildlife Company (TWC), a division of SFC, in 2001 to provide a variety of wildlife, forest and environmental management services to forest products companies, private forest landowners, banks, trust, and institutional landowners. TWC focused primarily of on wildlife (game and non-game) and habitat management, including landscape-level biodiversity considerations and auditing services. As the geographic distribution and technical disciplines of services provided at TWC transformed over time, WEA was formed to more adequately represent the multidisciplinary approach and scope of the services provided. While maintaining expertise in wildlife and habitat management, WEA currently provides ecological services to meet the needs of clients in aviation; governmental, non-governmental, and research entities; forestry and natural resources industries; private and residential developments; and transportation market sectors.  WEA staff possess the fundamental ecological expertise, training, and experience required to produce cost-effective and innovative solutions for our clients.  WEA staff has developed key relationships with industry and regulatory personnel that provide our clients with channels for open dialogue and collaborative resolutions during any project. Additionally, WEA builds and leads project teams using select teaming partners with specialized skills in order to provide turnkey solutions for all environmental and ecological issues that face our clients.


Southern Forestry Consultants, Inc is a natural resource management and consulting firm dedicated to meeting the goals of its customers and clients. Its staff of experienced professionals is committed to upholding the Company's reputation for quality and expertise in the planning, development, and implementation of programs to improve the land, timber, water, and environmental resources entrusted to its care.  Established in 1988 in Bainbridge, Georgia, to provide forestry consulting services to the north Florida and southwest Georgia areas, the companies now additionally operate offices in Florida and Alabama.  SFC serves private landowners, forest products companies, utility companies, real estate investment groups, trust fund managers, attorneys, banks, universities, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations from Texas to Virginia.  Major areas of emphasis include forestry consulting, forest auditing, Best Management Practice (BMP) compliance, land and timber appraisals, prescribed burning, reforestation, natural resource management plans, and real estate enhancement services. www.soforest.com



WEA also provides real estate sales and acquisition brokerage under its subsidiary, Southern Forestry Realty, Inc. SFR specializes in the listing, selling, and leasing timberland, farms, hunting, recreation, and conservation tracts. With over twenty-years in the real-estate and land markets of Southwest Georgia, North Florida, and Southeast Alabama, SFR maintains an extensive network of qualified buyers and sellers. The highly experienced staff of real estate professionals at SFR assists prospective purchasers in making sound investment decisions by providing them with comparable sales information, an analysis of the operational costs, and potential economic return of selected properties. SFR also provides market analysis and/or full evaluation, pricing strategy, effective property presentation and preparation strategy, negotiating skills, and advertising and listing services. www.southernforestryrealty.com

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WEA is guided by its adherence to 5 core principles: Customer Service, Technical Expertise, Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) Standards, Schedule and Cost Controls, and Health and Safety.

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Joe McGlincy, CWB – President

Principal Wildlife Biologist


Graduate of Auburn University (1975), Auburn, AL, with over 40 years’ experience in the wildlife and environmental fields. He has managed and participated in many projects on both public and private lands.  He has extensive endangered species experience, particularly working with red-cockaded woodpeckers (RCW).  He has developed Habitat Conservation Plans, Safe Harbor Plans and coordinated other management activities for RCW and other listed species on private and public lands.  He is permitted to conduct the full array of management activities such as capture, banding, translocation and installing artificial cavities.  His experience developing rare species inventories for various geographical areas is used by land managers to assure they protect any known species that may occur where their operation is planned.  He has also developed biodiversity plans for industrial forest products companies across the south.  He has conducted environmental audits to SFI and FSC standards and has consulted with companies on these same standards.  He has completed outdoor recreation lease market analysis for many companies and maintains an extensive database of leasing information.  He has published in both scientific and popular journals and make presentations to a variety of audiences.

Austin D. Carroll, CWB, CSE, RF

Principal Ecologist


Mr. Carroll is a principal ecologist, wildlife biologist, and forester with 14 years of project management experience in resolving environmental-related aviation issues, natural and water resources management and policy, permit acquisition and compliance, mitigation area management and monitoring, multi-organizational partnership development, and ecological research and monitoring. His experience in field research includes study design, implementation, data collection, analysis, and reporting. His past experience has given him a working knowledge of aquatic and terrestrial habitat management practices; wildlife and fisheries population management; silvicultural and mitigation area design and management; threatened and endangered species surveys, relocations, and management; regulatory compliance, permitting (including National Environmental Policy Act [NEPA]), and monitoring techniques; and large-scale project management. He has established and coordinated partnerships among local landowners, citizen/civic groups, governmental agencies, private industry, academic and research groups, and non-governmental organizations to facilitate mutual interest and cooperation in achieving ecologically significant objectives. These efforts led to Mr. Carroll serving as a guest instructor on partnerships at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Training Center.  He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Mississippi State and an M.B.A. from the University of Florida.


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